Verbs past tense

"Be" verbs indicate a state of being. "Be" verbs in the past tense indicate that a state of being that has happened. They must match the subjects. "Be" verbs are "was" and "were". "Was" is used with "I", "he", "she", or "it". "Were" is used with "we", "they", and "you".

"Be" verbs - Past Tense

  • was a student.
  • was strong.
  • She was a teacher.
  • He was funny.
  • It was hot.
  • We were happy.
  • They were sad.
  • You were alone.

"Be" verbs in the past tense can be turned into negative sentences.

Negative sentences need "not" after the "be" verb.

  • was not a student.
  • was not strong.
  • She was not a teacher.
  • He was not funny.
  • It was not hot.
  • We were not happy.
  • They were not sad.
  • You were not a clown.

"Be" verbs in the past tense can be turned into questions.

The "be" verb comes first in these sentences. They always end with a question mark (?).

  • Was I wrong?
  • Was I strong?
  • Was she a teacher?
  • Was he funny?
  • Was it hot?
  • Were we happy?
  • Were they sad?
  • Were you a clown?

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