Action verbs

Action verbs show an action. They are words that show the state of doing something. These are the most common verb forms. Action verbs need "s" at the end of the word when using with "he", "she", or it". "S" is not needed at the end of the action word with "I", "you", "they", or "we".

Action verbs

He, She, and ItI, You, and They
He walks to school.walk to school.
He lives in a in a house.
She writesstories.You writestories.
She drives to work.You drive to work.
It floats on water.They float on water.
It swims in the ocean.We swim in the ocean.

  • He exercises every morning.
  • He likes baseball.
  • She plays the piano.
  • He cooks every weekend.
  • It works well.
  • It swims in the ocean.
  • eat meat.
  • study at the library.
  • You speak a different language.
  • You drink milk.
  • They sing at church.
  • They sleep early.
  • We work in an office.
  • We play in the backyard.

Action verbs can be turned into negative sentences.

Negative sentences need "do not" or "does not" before the action verb. When using "does not" or "do not", the action verb does not need "s" at the end of the word.

  • He does not walk to school.
  • He does not live in a house.
  • She does not write stories.
  • She does not drive to work.
  • It does not float on water.
  • It does not swim in the ocean.
  • do not eat meat.
  • do not study at the library.
  • You do not speak a different language.
  • You do not drink milk.
  • They do not sing at church.
  • They do not sleep early.
  • We do not work in an office.
  • We do not play in the backyard.

Action verbs can be turned into questions or interrogative sentences.

Interrogative sentences begin with "do" or "does". They always end with a question mark (?). Use "does" before "he", "she", and it". Use "do" before "I", "you", "they", and "we".

He, She, and ItI, You, and They
Does he walkto school?
Does he live
in a house?
Does she write
Do I need a map?
Do I hear
 a bird?
Do you speak
 a different language?
Does she drive to work?
Does it float
on water?
Does it swim
in the ocean?
Do you drink milk?
Do they sleep
Do we need
 to go home?

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